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October 25, 2008

Another Departure

Since 2002 when I started blogging my blogroll has filled up with past sites that are no longer working for one reason or another.
It is always a sad day when one of the bloggers I like and have motivated me to do this at some point decide to pack it in. More so when it is one of the sites I really do read on a regualr basis.

Kim du Toit over the years has provided an excellent voice on gun related issues but he never stopped there and his wide range of coverage will sorely be missed. that doesn't even include the Sunday pictures of beautiful and classy women that he has been posting for a while.

On Novemer 30, Kim and his wife Connie will both cease blogging perhaps forever. Go over there and give them a shout and thank them for the years of effort they have put in to make the blogging world a better place.

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